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Bureau Veritas registre international de classification de navires et d'aéronefs, hereafter 'Bureau Veritas' is a limited liability Company (Société anonyme) incorporated under the laws of France.

Bureau Veritas Annual Shareholders' Meeting held in Paris on June 3, 2009 approved the change in the Company Corporate Governance moving from a dual structure with a Management Board and a Supervisory Board to a single one with a Board of Directors.

Frank Piedelièvre, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
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François Tardan, Executive Officer, Finance,
Legal Affairs, Group IT Systems

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Philippe Donche-Gay, Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer

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Board of Directors
The Board of directors has ten members

• Frank Piedelièvre, Chairman
• Frédéric Lemoine, Vice Chairman
• Stéphane Bacquaert
• Patrick Buffet *
• Aldo Cardoso *
• Jérôme Charruau *
• Pierre Hessler
• Philippe Louis-Dreyfus *
• Jean-Michel Ropert
• Ernest-Antoine Seillière

* Independent members


Specialised Board Committess
The Board has three specialised committees, namely an Audit and Risk Committee, a Strategic Committee and a Nomination and Compensation Committee.

Audit and Risk Committee
• Aldo Cardoso, Chairman
• Stéphane Bacquaert
• Jérôme Charruau
• Jean-Michel Ropert

Strategic Committee
• Frédéric Lemoine, Chairman
• Patrick Buffet
• Pierre Hessler

Nomination and Compensation Committee
• Pierre Hessler, Chairman
• Frédéric Lemoine
• Philippe Louis-Dreyfus


The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, chaired by Frank Piedelièvre, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, examines and approves questions and decisions relative to the Group's strategy and general organisation. It adopts the policies and procedures set for general application for the Group as a whole.
In addition, each of the three vertical businesses, as well as the Industry & Facilities division, has his own Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee includes:

• Frank Piedelièvre, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer;
• François Tardan, Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer;
• Philippe Donche-Gay, Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer;
• Arnaud André, in charge of Human Resources, Quality, Communication and Organization;
• Andrew Hibbert, in charge of Legal, Risks and Compliance;
• Patrick Aubry, in charge of the Industry & Facilities division for the Southern Europe area and of the Construction and In-Service Inspection & Verification businesses;
• Laurent Bermejo, in charge of the Industry & Facilities division for the Northern and Eastern Europe area;
• Pedro Paulo Guimaraes, in charge of the Industry & Facilities division for the North America and Latin America area;
• Laurent Clavel, in charge of the Industry business and of the Industry & Facilities division for the Pacific area;
• Jacques Lubetzki, in charge of the Industry & Facilities division for France;
• Philippe Lanternier, in charge of the Industry & Facilities division for the Asia area;
• Eduardo Camargo, in charge of the Industry & Facilities division for the Latin America area;
• Kevin O'Brien, in charge of the Consumer Products business;
• Bernard Anne, in charge of the Marine business; and
• Tony Mouawad, in charge of the GSIT business and the Industry & Facilities division for the Middle-East, India, Russia and Africa areas.

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