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Security, Health and Safety
Making Employee Health & Safety a Priority
A company’s employees are a vital component of the business. Employee Occupational Health & Safety is a priority not only in high-risk industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction but also in "safer" industries such as Food and Services.
Investment in Health & Safety is not just a trend in social responsibility, but is also a wise investment. Employees stay healthy and are thus more productive, motivated and tend to stay within the company longer and additionally, company accidents and absenteeism is reduced. Any major accident with a wide press coverage can prove to be a catastrophe for a company.

Earning a widely recognized Health & Safety certification, such as OHSAS 18001, from a globally respected third party certification body such as Bureau Veritas Certification, assures company practices are up-to-date and on track. This also reassures stakeholders and ensures that legal obligations with government authorities are fulfilled.
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OHSAS 18001 Certification Demonstrating your ability to manage occupational health and safety hazards  
ISO 28000 Certification Industry Security Management System for the Supply Chain  
TAPA FSR Certification Protecting the Technology and Consumer Goods Industry  
Authorized Economic Operator ( AEO ) Assessment & Assistance For greater reliability, security and control of your supply chain  
ISO 29001 Certification  
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