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ISO 28000 Certification
Industry Security Management System for the Supply Chain
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   Business Challenge

In today’s global economic landscape, security management has become a complex challenge in all areas of industry and, in particular, supply chains. Logistic operations and supply chain partners are often scattered worldwide with varying national regulations and business processes. Companies would like to assure security while identifying potential threats, assessing risk and implementing measures to prevent any risks and threats affecting the success of their business.


What is ISO 28000? 
ISO 28000 was developed in response to the transportation and logistics industries’ need for a commonly applicable security management system specific to supply chain security. However, companies in many other industries are finding it useful to assess security risks, implement controls, and mitigate arrangements to manage potential security threats and impacts on the supply chain. Quality, safety and customer satisfaction also benefit from this management system. 
The requirements for ISO 28000 include all critical aspects for supply chain security assurance. Some examples include: financing, manufacturing, information management, and the facilities for packing, storing and transferring goods between vehicles and locations. Security management is linked to many other aspects of business management. These should be considered directly, when and where they impact security management, including transporting goods through the supply chain. 

What are the key benefits? 
- Enhanced security risk assessment, asset protection and inventory visibility and management 
- Assured supply continuity for sustainable business development and reduction of delivery times 
- Improved customer satisfaction and business cooperation along the supply chain 
- Reduction of losses resulted from transport related theft 
- Shorter customs clearance time (Green Lane Approvals) and reduced secondary inspections 
- Compliance with other trade and supply chain security schemes, such as AEO and C-TPAT


Who is concerned by ISO/PAS 28000?
Companies that wish to implement and maintain a proven security management system; Any type and size of organization involved in manufacturing, service, storage and transportation related to production or supply chains.
How are ISO/PAS 28000, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 linked?
ISO/PAS 28000 was designed to help integrate quality environmental and supply chain security management systems within an organization. It is compatible with ISO 9001:2000 (quality management) and ISO 14001:2004 (environmental management). ISO/PAS 28000 is based on a plan-do-check-act management system modelled after the proven ISO 14001 framework. The risk-based approach outlined in ISO 14001 is similar to the one used in ISO/PAS 28000.
Will the adoption and integration of ISO/PAS 28000 requirements entail a big investment?
For industry logistics and supply chain partners, most of the requirements are also the requirements of your clients. Adopting this standard represents a limited effort in organization and documentation.
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ISO 45001 Certification Demonstrate your ability to manage hazards  
OHSAS 18001 Certification Demonstrating your ability to manage occupational health and safety hazards  
ISO 28000 Certification Industry Security Management System for the Supply Chain  
TAPA FSR Certification Protecting the Technology and Consumer Goods Industry  
Authorized Economic Operator ( AEO ) Assessment & Assistance For greater reliability, security and control of your supply chain  
ISO 29001 Certification  
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