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   Business Challenge

The transportation of high value, high risk and/or highly requested cargo has become a challenge for industry due to the rapid increase in cargo theft. Furthermore, many manufacturers, wholesalers and retail consumers of high value and or sensitive commodities must protect their production materials, manufactured products, and purchased inventories.These goods have become prime targets of thieves in the distribution network when stored in warehouses and in transit. Reported losses have soared worldwide and the difficult task of protecting these assets has become a high priority.



What is TAPA?
The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a cooperation between 600 companies working together since 1997 to reduce losses in national and international supply chains. It includes: - Global manufacturers (buyers) - Freight carriers (suppliers) as well as large and small national and international transportation and freight forwarding companies - Distribution centers (suppliers) and distribution warehouses, airports, rail yards and harbors - Law enforcement agencies working with TAPA members and security providers TAPA has developed a worldwide Freight Security Requirements (FSR) standard that is designed to ensure the safe and secure storage and transit of any TAPA member’s assets worldwide.

What are the certified areas of the TAPA FSR Management System?
The TAPA FSR specifies the minimum acceptable standards for your physical security system and the methods used to maintain those standards: - The identification of a nominated Security Manager and regular on-going security training for all employees - Perimeter Security - Access control to offices and warehouse/ docks - Secure high value goods storage in warehouses - Closed circuit TV security monitors positioned at critical facility access points, high value storage areas, and movement and storage of high value materials, etc. - Perimeter barriers with security lights and alarms - Preparation and discrepancy controls to ensure the security and accuracy of materials, equipment, personnel and documentation - Effective planning of truck security e.g. with real time GPRS tracking and tamper-proof security seals and locks

What is the bottom line effect of TAPA FSR on your company?
- Easy integration of TAPA FSR principles within other management systems: TAPA FSR audits may be combined with other audits which result in certification cost and time savings - Greater personal security for personnel, increased physical security of materials, reduced risk of loss related incidents, recognition of security minded professionals
   Why Choose Bureau Veritas
Our experienced TAPA auditors are professionally qualified to conduct TAPA audits. They are trained to be able to conduct certification assessments on behalf of clients and have in-depth knowledge of specific industry sectors such as transport, logistics and security that enables them to assess and evaluate your specific physical security systems in accordance with the TAPA FSR. 
Bureau Veritas Certification is one of the few certification companies approved by TAPA to conduct TAPA FSR certification audits. Our mark is a worldwide recognized symbol for your organization’s ongoing commitment to excellence, sustainability and reliability
   Details of Service
ISO 45001 Certification Demonstrate your ability to manage hazards  
OHSAS 18001 Certification Demonstrating your ability to manage occupational health and safety hazards  
ISO 28000 Certification Industry Security Management System for the Supply Chain  
TAPA FSR Certification Protecting the Technology and Consumer Goods Industry  
Authorized Economic Operator ( AEO ) Assessment & Assistance For greater reliability, security and control of your supply chain  
ISO 29001 Certification  
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