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SA8000 Certification
Enhancing your company’s reputation through social responsibility
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   Business Challenge

The current global business environment is motivating organizations to consider the full social and ethical impacts of their corporate activities and policies. Those companies who are able to prove a responsible approach to broader social and ethical issues will gain a vital competitive edge and inspire the confidence of stakeholders such as clients, investors, local communities and consumers. Social concerns like child labour, forced labour and discrimination require companies to not only consider their own direct sphere of influence but also their entire supply chain. The concept and value of employing an independent, third party to monitor social responsibility is becoming increasingly important.


What is SA8000?
SA8000 is the first auditable standard in this field. In particular, it is compatible with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS18001 structure and based on conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.



Who is SAAS?
SAAS "Social Accountability Accreditation Services" is a non-governmental, international, multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to improving workplaces and communities by developing and implementing socially responsible standards. SAAS convenes key stakeholders to develop consensus-based voluntary standards, conducts cost-benefits research, accredits auditors, provides training and technical assistance, and assists corporations in improving social compliance in their supply chains.
Does SA8000 apply to all industries and countries?
Yes, SA8000 is applicalbe to all industires & countries except Maritime & Myanmar (Burma) respectively. Certifications are not permitted in the maritime industry (cruise ships, shipping, and floating oil platforms) due to the problems in addressing working hours and other possibly discriminatory practices. Similarly certifications are not permitted in Myanmar ( Burma),until the ILO lifts its sanctions, put in place against that country on November 30, 2000 and reaffirmed March 24, 2005. However, Bureau Veritas Certification can help organizations in these sectors adopt alternative approaches in order to achieve their corporate social responsibility objectives.

   Why Choose Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas Certification is a world leader in the field of accredited social responsibility certification. Bureau Veritas Certification received SA8000 accreditation in January 1999 and has conducted audits in more than 40 countries in all types of business sectors and activities.
Bureau Veritas Certification is a member of the SA8000 advisory board.
We operate in more than 100 countries. This global presence means that our clients can receive the double advantage of international expertise combined with a genuine depth of local knowledge (language, culture, laws, customs, etc.) ensuring a high quality audit.
Business understanding
Our success is based upon a close working partnership, focused on driving your business forward: more than 5,700 specially trained auditors deliver a certification service meaningful to your business.
Mark of global recognition
The Bureau Veritas Certification Mark is a globally recognized symbol of your organization’s ongoing commitment to excellence, sustainability and reliability.
Combined services
Bureau Veritas Certification offers the possibility of combined certifications to the largest range of recognized standards and can offer a complete solution on corporate responsibility, bringing consistency, optimization and efficiency.
   Details of Service
SA8000 Certification Enhancing your company’s reputation through social responsibility  
AIM Progress Supplier Assessment To enable and promote responsible sourcing practices within the supply chain.  
Sustainability Report Assurance Gain stakeholders’ trust and enhance your company’s reputation  
ISO 26000 Standard Enhancing your company’s reputation through social responsibility  
Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) / SRSP Demonstrating your company's commitment to quality in the Jewellery industry  
11th Jun 2019
Sustainable Tourism & GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council)
31st May 2019
食品安全管理系統 ISO22000: 2018 新版標準研討會
25th Apr 2018
FSC™ 商標新版標準研討會
IRCA Registered ISO45001:2018 Annex SL (Module 1) Training Course
IRCA Registered ISO45001:2018 Modular Auditor Migration (Module 2) Tra ...
IRCA Registered ISO 45001:2018 Auditor Conversion training course
4th Jul 2018
8th Aug 2016
Bureau Veritas Certification assists enterprise well understanding of ...
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