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Proving your responsibility to the environment
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   Business Challenge

Care for the environment improves the image of your company. At the same time, the appropriate management of environmental issues contributes positively to economic gain and increases the competitiveness of the company.
Proof of a responsible approach is fast becoming a key purchasing criteria. Environmentally conscious client prefers to do business with like-minded companies, i.e. those who demonstrate their commitment through internationally recognized standards such as the ISO 14000 series.



What is ISO 14001?
ISO 14001:2004 is a part of a series of international standards applicable to any organization, anywhere relating to environmental management. Based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, ISO 14001: 2004 specifies the most important requirements to identify, control and monitor the environmental aspects of any organization, and also how to manage and improve the whole system.

What are the key benefits?
- Customer, investor, public, community assurance by demonstrating commitment
- Improving cost control through conserving input materials and energy
- Reducing incidents that result in liability, therefore reduces insurance costs
- Assisting the attainment of permits and authorizations for local trade.

Which areas are covered by the ISO 14000 series?
The key areas covered by this series are:
- Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
- Environmental Auditing
- Environmental Labels and Declarations
- Environmental Performance Evaluation
- Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
- Environmental Communication
- Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Monitoring
   Why Choose Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas Certification is the worldwide market leader with over 4000 companies in 80 countries already certified to ISO 14001:2004.

Bureau Veritas Certification was the first certification body worldwide to be accredited for ISO 14001 certification. It is now recognized by more than 30 national and international accreditation bodies across the world.

We operate in more than 100 countries. This global presence means that our clients can receive the double advantage of international expertise combined with a genuine depth of local knowledge.

Business understanding
We understand your business: More than 400 environmental auditors with and extensive knowledge of the environment, technical and regulatory aspects affecting your business in order to deliver a certification service meaningful to your business.

Mark of global recognition
The Bureau Veritas Certification Mark is a globally recognized symbol of
your organization’s ongoing commitment to excellence, sustainability and reliability.

Combined services
Bureau Veritas Certification offers the possibility of
combined certifications to the largest range of recognized standards,
bringing consistency, optimization and efficiency.
   Details of Service
ISO 14001 Certification Proving your responsibility to the environment  
ISO14064 Certification GreenHouse Gas Accounting and Vertification  
Carbon Emissions Disclosure Verification services to benefit climate change  
ISO 50001 Certification Manage energy and cut costs and emissions.  
EN 16001 Certification Demonstrate your ability to manage and save energy  
FSC™ Certification Ensuring good Forest practices  
OLB Certification OLB certification, the guarantee for legality your customers are asking for  
ISCC Certification Demonstrating your company's commitment to Biofuel in the aeronautics industry  
RSPO Certification Prove your commitment to Sustainable Palm Oil  
11th Jun 2019
Sustainable Tourism & GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council)
31st May 2019
食品安全管理系統 ISO22000: 2018 新版標準研討會
25th Apr 2018
FSC™ 商標新版標準研討會
IRCA Registered ISO45001:2018 Annex SL (Module 1) Training Course
IRCA Registered ISO45001:2018 Modular Auditor Migration (Module 2) Tra ...
IRCA Registered ISO 45001:2018 Auditor Conversion training course
4th Jul 2018
8th Aug 2016
Bureau Veritas Certification assists enterprise well understanding of ...
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