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AIM Progress Supplier Assessment
To enable and promote responsible sourcing practices within the supply chain.
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   Business Challenge

Major brands gathered into a global forum called AIM Progress*, which seeks to promote responsible sourcing in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the supplier’s assessments and to reduce the duplication of the evaluation.
Suppliers are therefore encouraged to share their assessment reports directly with these companies upon request or upload them via the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) platform, which provides a secure online data exchange between suppliers and customers.
*Association des Industries de Marque – European Brands Association / PROGramme for RESponsible
- Labour Standards
- Health and Safety
- Environmental Management
- Business Integrity


What are the key benefits? 
- Cost effectiveness 
- Strengthened relationships with retail distributors 
- Increased transparency 
- Reinforced customer confidence 
- Streamlined production 
- A continuous improvement process 
- Minimization of significant risks 
- Effective control of internal processes and minimizing risk of failure 
- Active member of Sedex Associate Auditor Group (AAG) 

Bureau Veritas offers 

Auditor selection 
Strengthen selection criteria are employed to ensure that the service will be 
carried out by qualified and competent auditors. 

Risk assessment 
In order to qualify the supplier and help him in its development, our auditors highlight good examples, as well as non-conformities and observations throughout the assessment and deliver a comprehensive report. 

Bureau Veritas provides his partners with necessary support to comply with all requirements during the whole process: from obtaining SEDEX registration number through completing the self assessment questionnaire (SAQ) until uploading the audit report into the SEDEX database. 

Knowledge and Experience 
We have worked and continue to support retailers, brands and their supply chains. 

Improved Factory Performance 
Continuous improvement driving suppliers quality management system and quality of manufactured products. 

Technology Applications 
Effectively support compliance program execution and management.

What is a third-party assessment?
A third-party assessment is an audit performed by an independent contractor. It qualifies suppliers and manufacturers and helps to control the supply chain.
Why should I perform supplier audits?
Having a thorough knowledge of suppliers is key to control your supply chain. AIM Progress member companies have high Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aspirations, including responsible sourcing, and need to:
- Avoid issues such as poor labour standards in supply chains;
- Take active measures to mitigate risks;
- Be efficient and effective in implementing such measures.
Does Bureau Veritas have any experience in the field of AIM Progress audits?
More than 6,000 suppliers audits have already been conducted all over the world
   Why Choose Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas worldwide certification and inspection body has been selected as one of the third party assessor.

Using experienced auditors from the field of SMETA, Labour Standards (SA 8000), Health & Safety (QHSE, OHSAS 18001), Business Integrity and Environmental (ISO 14001), Bureau Veritas can help every player of the supply chain to meet the requirements of the AIM Progress compliance.

We operate in more than 100 countries. This international network ensures both worldwide presence and knowledge of local language, culture and legislation, senior professionals in human resources, safety, health and environment
   Details of Service
SA8000 Certification Enhancing your company’s reputation through social responsibility  
AIM Progress Supplier Assessment To enable and promote responsible sourcing practices within the supply chain.  
Sustainability Report Assurance Gain stakeholders’ trust and enhance your company’s reputation  
ISO 26000 Standard Enhancing your company’s reputation through social responsibility  
Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) / SRSP Demonstrating your company's commitment to quality in the Jewellery industry  
11th Jun 2019
Sustainable Tourism & GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council)
31st May 2019
食品安全管理系統 ISO22000: 2018 新版標準研討會
25th Apr 2018
FSC™ 商標新版標準研討會
IRCA Registered ISO45001:2018 Annex SL (Module 1) Training Course
IRCA Registered ISO45001:2018 Modular Auditor Migration (Module 2) Tra ...
IRCA Registered ISO 45001:2018 Auditor Conversion training course
4th Jul 2018
8th Aug 2016
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