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VeriCert® Services and Risk Management
Going beyond Certification to Improve Performance
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   Business Challenge

Businesses perform certifications in the areas of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility to prove they are committed to international standards and also that their business is sound. Companies wish to further benefit from certifications by also improving their performance using a maturity model. Bureau Veritas Certification has developed an innovative audit methodology designed to customize the audit and monitor performance improvement. This methodology allows companies to focus on the primary risk areas identified in their organization, providing a clear view of their current business performance and its evolution over time. This methodology allows companies to include their referential and to combine it with their certification.


What are Vericert® Services? The VeriCert approach goes beyond certification. It identifies key processes and highlights the strengths and weaknesses in the management system, which directly impact performance, focusing on risks to which the company is exposed. Depth of audit can be customized to the generic audit protocol, specific issues in organization's industry sector and/or specific risks identified by the organization itself.


How is the VeriCert auditing approach different?
The VeriCert approach is customized for your company and focuses on key process performance as well as the audit of identified company risks and potential areas for improvement. The service ensures that: - The performance managing major risks and other identified areas can be compared with company objectives and industry performance. - Continuous improvement is measured objectively and periodic controls will ensure your organization remains on track.
Do I still get an accredited certificate?
Yes, the approach is fully in line with accreditation requirements. The only difference is that we aim to further enhance the value for you.
When is my company ready for VeriCert?
Any organization is ready if top management is committed to improving performance on a continuing basis, at a high level.
Can my company have a VeriCert Audit without certification?
Yes, it is possible, but we strongly recommend that you have implemented a quality management system to ensure a comprehensive and effective improvement after the VeriCert audit.
   Why Choose Bureau Veritas
With VeriCert, Bureau Veritas Certification is at the cutting edge and has developed a very innovative risk-based audit methodology.
5,700 skilled auditors operating in more than 100 countries offer a unique combination of international and local expertise providing consistent services wherever our clients are.
Our auditors have extensive knowledge of specific industry sectors, local regulations, markets and language that enables them to provide solutions adapted to your needs.
Bureau Veritas Certification is recognized by more than 40 national and international accreditation bodies across the world.
   Details of Service
VeriCert® Services and Risk Management Going beyond Certification to Improve Performance  
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