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EU regulations

The European Union gives priority to renewable energy sources, including the issue of biofuels. Biofuels are the main alternative to the EU emissions of greenhouse gases responsible for a fifth, petrol and diesel for transport with respect.
The EU regulation 2009/28/EC lays down the criteria for biofuels sustainability, and voluntary certification schemes for biofuels will stimulate the creation of the industry, governments and non-governmental organizations. The audit and certification will be mandatory in the EU, based on a system in which adopt the EU (eg. ISCC).
The EU common policy is the only certified biomass-derived feed stock sales and processing for such purposes will be allowed.


Sustainable Biofuels

Basic criteria for sustainability:
The European Commission clearly defines the types of areas that are may not be available for the production of biofuels.

These ares are : natural forests, protects areas, wetlands and peat lands.
The Commission clearly rejected deforestation in order to place plants necessary for the production of biofuel corps to be cultivated.

Only supports biofuels, which results in a substantial reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases are biofuels that do not result in emissions of greenhouse gases at least 35% reduction compared to gasoline and diesel, will not be accepted. The limit 50% in 2017 will rise. The calculation of the emission reduction is not only carbon dioxide but also of the more the better greenhouse gas methane and nitrous oxide values as well


   Why Choose Bureau Veritas


5,700 skilled auditors operating in more than 100 countries offer a unique combination of international and local expertise providing consistent services wherever our clients are. 
Our auditors have extensive knowledge of specific industry sectors, local regulations, markets and language that enables them to provide solutions adapted to your needs. 
Bureau Veritas Certification is recognized by more than 40 national and international accreditation bodies across the world. 
Mark of global recognition
The Bureau Veritas Certification mark is a globally recognized symbol of your organization’s ongoing commitment to excellence, sustainability and reliability.
   Details of Service
ISO 14001 Certification Proving your responsibility to the environment  
ISO14064 Certification GreenHouse Gas Accounting and Vertification  
Carbon Emissions Disclosure Verification services to benefit climate change  
ISO 50001 Certification Manage energy and cut costs and emissions.  
EN 16001 Certification Demonstrate your ability to manage and save energy  
FSC™ Certification Ensuring good Forest practices  
OLB Certification OLB certification, the guarantee for legality your customers are asking for  
ISCC Certification Demonstrating your company's commitment to Biofuel in the aeronautics industry  
RSPO Certification Prove your commitment to Sustainable Palm Oil  
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