FSCā„¢ Certification  
  Business Challenge

Consumers, companies, public authorities require more and more guarantees that harvested trees, paper and wood products come from properly managed sources. FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™ certification system enables to differentiate wood products that come from responsible forest management which delivers added value.
This scheme is based both on sustainable development and continuous improvement principles applied to forest management and on traceability principle applied to trading and processing companies using wood products from the certified forests.


What is FSC™ Certification?
The Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) is an independent NGO (Non Governmental Organization) created in 1993 by environmental NGOs, wood trade organizations, foresters, indigenous people and certification bodies representing 25 countries. It stands as the only globally recognized group promoting forestry certification standards.
FSC™ is based on two solutions?
- Forest Management certificate, for companies that manage natural or planted forests, also available to supply chain partners;
- Chain Of Custody certificate, for companies using forest products (i.e. furniture manufacturers, publishers, pulp industries, and all wood products…) to attest the wood origin traceability.  
What are the key benefits?
- Increasing consumer confidence
- Ensuring better access to your markets through strong differentiation
- Protecting forest resources
- Improving your brand image