ISO14064 Certification  
  Business Challenge

Climate change can potentially have an impact on environmental, social and economic systems, As such, government and multi-stakeholder initiatives are being developed to limit GHG emissions through various regulatory schemes and incentive programs such as trading, taxes, voluntary incentive programs, international treaties and carbon sequestration projects.


What is ISO 14064?
ISO 14064 is comprised of three parts, ISO 14064-1, ISO14064-2 and ISO14064-3, The international GHG standard will enable businesses to measure and report their GHG emissions consistently with the rest of the world. International corporations will be able to prepare global inventories using a single set of rules and prcedures. All companies will have the ability to compare themselves against their counterparts throughout the world in terms of GHG performance, potentially leveraging their exemplary GHG emission performance into a competitive advantage.
What are the key benefits?
- Promote consistency, transparency and credibility in GHG quantification, monitoring, reporting and veritifcation.
- Enable organizations to identify and manage GHG-related liabilities, assets and risks;
- Facilitate the trade of GHG allowances or credits, and
- Support the design, development and implementation of comparable and consistent GHG schemes or programs.