Total Network Services Certification (TNC)  
  Business Challenge

Today central manufacturing and networking retailing business model dominates food retails market.  This model brings benefits on operation and business monitoring.  It lowers cost on retails by central production.  It also simplifies outlet production process that non skillful labor can help easily.  Effective logistics make sure the food is fresh enough before putting on shelf. 

The effective model makes business grow fast.  It finds that when corporate would like to grow over another business stage, operation tension among different levels of company is increasing.  The operation tension includes huge workload on performance monitoring of large amount of outlets and standardization of operation models.  This gives rise to high demand of a systematic operation methodology. 


Concrete and simple system need to be place to assist daily operation monitoring.  The most critical is to make sure the corporate policy, objective and images design are well executived in each outlet.  Those are core elements that help corporate to enhance and solidify its commitments on service and corporate image.  With good corporate image, it can facilitate to develop to other business stage easily. 

On operation side, a good system can help to line up staff bonus system easily.  Moreover, it gives fantasizing outlets a more direct and clear instruct to operate.  That is a value added management service for them.  

What is Total Network Services Certification? 

Total Nework Services Certification is a customized certification service for company which has central distribution / production center and has huge or fast growing retail network.  It is aimed at providing regular vertification and inspection against with a tailor made criteria related to the following aspects at both central operation and outlet services together. 

  • Food Safety along the whole process of cooperation to retails
  • Services Quality for internal customers and external customers
  • Communication
  • Environment design, establishment and monitoring
  • Materials planning system modeling
  • Personnel Health & Safety within cooperation to retails
  • Scientific analysis e.g. laboratory testing etc.
  • Others

Client can choose the main theme of the certification and tailr made the audit criteria.  As an independent third party to conduct the assessment, the result is convinaible.  Data from the results of the whole network can be used as input for human resources planning, training needs and fantasizing management planning etc.