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ISO13485:2016 International standard for ''Medical devices -- Quality management systems -- Requirements for regulatory purposes'' is published on 1 March 2016.
ISO13485:2016 International standard for "Medical devices -- Quality management systems -- Requirements for regulatory purposes" is published on 1 March 2016. New version of standard is more focus on the integration/adaptation to the exciting regulatory requirements, product registration requirements. Therefore, certified company is expected to be more easy to meet specific country requirements!

Major Changes
- Better adaptation to country specific regulatory requirement
- More specific risk management;
- Addition of new concept based on international trending, e.g. usability and software requirements;
- Strengthen supplier control requirements
- Adaptation of post-market surveillance and complaint handling requirement to fit regulatory requirement

Our Services:
Gap Analysis
•Critical Risk Evaluation, focus on the procedure and process that would have significant impact under the new version of standard;
•From the revision of standard,re-evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of organization's management system, so as to provide valuable recommendation;
•Focus on the overall framework of the organization's system,determine whether the company is capable to meet new standard and existing regulatory requirements,and suggest reasonable adjustment on the system;
•Focus on the organization's effectiveness on company scope, policy, objectives, targets, document control, internal audit and management review;
• systematic evaluation on major changing points in new standard, including company leadership, organization change control, post market surveillance monitoring, complaint handling and risk management etc.;
•On-site evaluation, with the provision of gap analysis report。

Series Courses:
•ISO13485:2016 Standard Explanation half day course
•ISO13485:2016 Standard Interpretation half day course
•ISO13485:2003/2016 2+1 days internal auditor training course
•ISO13485:2016 upgrade 1 day internal auditor training course(Specific for qualified 2003 version internal auditor)
•ISO14971:2007 Medical Device Risk Management 2 days training course
•IEC62304:2006 Medical Device Software - Software life cycle 2 days training course
•Medical Device Regulatory Requirements for Specific Country
•Excellent Audit Technique

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